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Message from the President



Half a year has passed since I became President of the Japan Sport Council (JSC) on October 1, 2015. I feel not only the joy of having the opportunity to contribute to the development of sports in Japan, but also the huge responsibility that this position entails as I work to run this organization.

Looking back on FY2015, for the national project of New National Stadium construction, we were able to take a step forward on facilities planning, such as the selection of Parties with negotiation priority and starting on the basic design. In addition, as part of efforts to improve competitiveness, we have been preparing for the inauguration, in April 2016, of the “Japan High Performance Sport Center” (Japan Institute of Sports Sciences and Ajinomoto National Training Center), that performs research and provides support to improve international competitiveness. Furthermore, the Sports Promotion Lottery achieved sales of 108.4 billion yen, the second-highest amount in its history.

In response to external advice for ensuring good corporate governance within JSC, in concrete terms, we received guidance from the New National Stadium Project Process Investigation Panel concerning matters such as our organizational and communication structures. As a result, we clarified the role of Project Managers involved in the planning and construction of the New National Stadium and initiated regular briefings for the media. In addition, we established an independent “Operational Inspection Council” that reviews issues related to corporate governance to reinforce internal control. I have tackled these issues as a matter of top priority since becoming President in October to form a
structure to inspect and improve internal control and governance.

Furthermore, through the formulation of the “JSC Code of Conduct” that details the implementation of compliance training and appropriate behaviors for executives, we are working to reform the organizational culture to have good peer-to-peer communication with a high level of executive consciousness toward compliance.

In order to become an organization even more trusted by the people, we believe that it is more necessary than ever before to place ourselves at and see from the viewpoint of the people and from an “athlete first” perspective for open communications.

In light of the measures above, in FY2016, we will proceed with a heavy focus on the following three items.
1. Reinforce corporate governance and internal JSC’s role in sports promotion in Japan
2. Maximize control
3. Reform organizational culture to have good peer-to-peer communication

This fiscal year, the Olympics/Paralympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro. As we flesh out our Japan High Performance Sport Center as a base from which to support athletes, we will establish a “High Performance Support Center” on site during the games to support the Japanese national team.

In addition, regarding the construction of the New National Stadium that is scheduled for completion in November 2019, we will proceed steadily so that the schedule is maintained as we head toward the start of construction this December.

Furthermore, on the premise that these activities will be proceeded with smoothly, in addition to strengthening internal control and governance, we will thoroughly enforce the behavior and business of executives, who will maintain constant awareness of the “JSC Code of Conduct” that was formulated in accordance with the basic principles and vision in March. We would also like to cultivate an organization with good peer-to-peer communication where the results of our activities can be maximized. Including female employees and disabled persons, we will establish a workplace environment where any person can succeed.

The JSC is a vibrant organization filled with young employees and employees having a strong attachment for sports. We will give consideration to overall balance amidst our many, varied activities and will aim for even greater vitality as a unified organization with good peer-to-peer communications that utilize the capability of each person.

We highly appreciate your further support and cooperation.

April, 2016


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