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School Safety Department

The School Safety Department provides medical expenses for injuries and accidents that occur to school children while under school supervision. The department also conducts research on school safety support to prevent injuries and accidents happening to school children, as well as publicizing research results.

Injury and Accident Mutual Aid Benefit System

The Injury and Accident Mutual Aid Benefit System provides benefits (medical expenses, disability compensation or death compensation) in cases of injury, illness, disease, accident, or death that occur to students and younger children while under the supervision of schools or nurseries based on a contract (Injury and accident mutual aid benefit contract) between the JSC and school operators. The injuries and accidents under the supervision of schools refer to those that occur during class hours based on the school curriculum (including childcare hours at nurseries), as well as during extra-curricular instruction hours, during breaks (including before class and after school), or on the way to and from school (or nurseries).

School Safety Support Activities

The School Safety Department supports efforts to prevent accidents at school by managing, analyzing, and studying cases and statistical data using the injury and accident information obtained from the provision of mutual aid benefits, and providing the outputs to school officials and others in an easy to understand manner.


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