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National Center for Mountaineering Education

The main buildingOriginally built in 1967 as the mountaineering training center of the Ministry of Education to promote the development of mountaineering in Japan, it has been under the management of the JSC since 2009. Since then, the center has contributed to the prevention of mountaineering accidents by providing workshops to educate mountaineering
instructors, and provide information about climbing. The building, which can also be used as an accommodation, is also equipped with rockclimbing gears, enabling high-quality training.

Facility outline

  • Main Building
  • Elevation: 480m
  • Land area: 26,114㎡
  • Building area: 1,658㎡
  • Attached facilities: Training room, Lodging,
  • Low Oxygen Rooms
  • Location: Main Building 3F Lodging area
  • Function: Adjustable to the oxygen density of at 6,000m altitude
  • Indoor Sport Climbing Wall
  • Location: Main Building Training room
  • Height: 6m-8m
  • Width: 17m
  • Area: 118㎡
  • Made of FRP (fiber re-enforced plastic)
  • Rock Climbing Practice Wall
  • Location: National Center for Mountaineering Education grounds
  • Height: 17.5m
  • Length: 11m
  • Width: 13m
  • One lighting unit with six 400W lamps
  • Equipped with tools to prevent for accidential falling.
  • Summer Base Camp
  • Elevation: 2,450m
  • Land area: 725㎡
  • Capacity: 60
  • Winter Base Camp
  • Elevation: 1,310m
  • Land area: 550㎡
  • Capacity: 70

Activity outline

Rescue training session for university students (1) Providing various workshops and training sessions for mountaineering instructors.

(2) Providing information regarding the latest mountain climbing knowledge and techniques.

(3) Providing facilities and instructions to climbing groups for their training and workshop activities.


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