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Japan Institute of Sports Sciences / National Training Center

As a major center for sports sciences and medicine, The JISS promotes research activities and provides support for athletes and sports instructors, in cooperation with the Japanese Olympic Committee, sports federations, universities and sports research institutions and organizations. The NTC is also a base for top-level athletes to strengthen their performance, enabling them to undergo intensive continuous training.

Overview of research and support activities

Support Program for Sports Medicine/ScienceIn order to provide support for organizational and planned initiatives towards the performance enhancement of the international competitiveness of Japanese athletes conducted by sports federations, the activities are operated through mutual cooperation between the Department of Sports Science and the Medical Center.

Department of Sports Science staff

Medical Center staff

Facility outline

The Japan Sport Council integrally manages and operates two adjacent facilities, the JISS and the NTC. The JSC provides an environment where athletes and sports federations are able to conduct high-level training, making full use of the JISS research outcomes and the NTC training facilities, as well as providing support to enhance the international competitiveness of Japanese athletes.

Japan Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS)

The JISS consist of a research facility for Sports Sciences and Sports Medicine (including a Human Performance Lab), High Performance Gym, training facilities (Training Gym, etc.), the NTC facilities such as those for swimming and synchronized swimming, nutritional guidance restaurant, and other facilities.

Japan Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS)

Rowing / Canoe Test Site

Biochemistry Lab

Sports Information Service Room

Normobaric Hypoxia Lab

AJINOMOTO National Training Center

The AJINOMOTO National Training Center consists of as exclusive use training facilities for each competitive sport the “Indoor Training Center”, “Track and Field”, “Indoor Tennis Courts” and the“Athletes’ Village”, which are part of the NTC facilities.

*NTC has adopted naming rights, as “AJINOMOTO National Training Center”.

AJINOMOTO National Training Centre Indoor Training Center

Track and Field

NTC facility in JISS   Swimming

Indoor Tennis Courts

Athletes’ Village



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