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Research Information Disclosure (Opt-out)

Japan Institute of Sports Science has conducted various sports medical/scientific research. When medical/scientific research involving human subjects is conducted, the content of the study must be explained in writing or orally, and consent must be obtained in writing or orally as well. Unlike these forms of consent, there is also a method called appropriate consent that clarifies subjects’ manifestation of intention. In the case of medical/scientific research involving human subjects, if the study does not include new invasions or interventions on the research subjects and if it uses only previously obtained samples and data, it is necessary to inform and disclose information about the conduct of the research, including the purpose of the study, and to ensure that the research subjects have the opportunity to refuse the conduct or continuation of the study. Researchers must approve the right of research subjects to reject the involvement in the study or to stop the research in itself. Such a method is called “opt-out.” The following is a list of studies ensuring subjects can “opt out.” Please inform the respective research staff if you do not wish your samples and data to be used for research.

Vice President , Executive Director Takeshi Kukidome

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