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Cooperation and collaboration with related organizations


The Basic Act on Sport regards sport as a “universal human culture”, and proclaims that living a happy and prosperous life through sports is a “right of all people”. In order to realize this philosophy, we established the “JAPAN SPORT NETWORK” in July 2013 to strengthen cooperation and promote collaboration with other sports-related organizations. The JSC has concluded the “Power of Sport” Joint Declaration with 577 local governments (as of late September 2015) to strengthen our network with communities, and is keeping up efforts to develop the network.'Power of Sport' Joint Declaration: We will develop the 'JAPAN SPORT NETWORK' to bring about a happy and prosperous society through sport, based on the basic principles outlined in the Basic Act on Sport. We declare to respect the philosophy of the sports promotion lottery system, foster talents who will pave the way for a better society through the 'Power of Sport' in cooperation with each other, collaborate to realize dynamic communities and Japan, and jointly create a bright future.

Co-hosting of events

The JSC organizes events with local governments to inform a broad range of community members about the wonderful aspects of sports.

Holding of seminars

The JSC holds seminars nationwide to share up-to-date information based on local needs. (In FY2014, seminars were held in Miyagi, Osaka, and Fukuoka Prefectures.)

Development of donation culture (installation of vending machines accepting donations)

With the cooperation of local governments, the JSC installs vending machines that accept donations as a way to secure funding for the promotion of sports, and fosters a culture of giving donations.

Cooperation with universities

Pursuant to the purposes of the Basic Act on Sport and the Sport Basic Plan, the JSC has concluded partnership agreements with universities with the aim of contributing to the promotion of sports and to the development of sports medicine and science, through mutual collaboration and cooperation that includes exchanges of human and intellectual resources and use of material resources.

Partner universities (2020 latest version)

National Institute of Fitness ans Sports in KANOYA
Sendai University
Waseda University
University of Tsukuba   
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Nippon Sport Science University   
Osaka University
Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences
The University of Tokyo
Asahi Univesity
Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Sport and Health Science

Sport for Tomorrow (SFT) Program of international contribution through sport

SFT Program is one of the Japanese government's commitments to leveraging the power of sport to create a brighter future for people throughout the world. It aims to expand sporting values and the Olympic and Paralympic Movement to people of all generations with more than 10 million people in over 100 counties, including developing countries from 2014 to 2020. The Department is responsible for managing the SFT Consortium Secretariat and implements various projects primarily in developing countries.

  • Manage Consortium Secretariat
  • Improve curriculums of physical education
  • Assist to organize sporting events
  • Study and implement new models of international contribution through sport 
Sports festival in Marawi
Sport for Tomorrow (SFT) website Sport for Tomorrow logo


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