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We manage and operate the National Stadium (Japan National Stadium), the Yoyogi National Gymnasium, the Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium, and the Nishigaoka Soccer Stadium (AJINOMOTO FIELD NISHIGAOKA). 

Japan National Stadium

The former National Stadium was built as the main venue for the Third Asian Games in 1958 and Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964 on the grounds of the former Meiji Shrine Gaien Stadium. It was designed to evoke “strength”, “simplicity”, and “grace”. The former National Stadium was tore down and rebuilt the stadium in the lead-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. New National Stadium (Japan National Stadium) was in the completed on November 30, 2019.

Facility outline 

  • Turf area: Approx. 7,600㎡
  • Land area: Approx. 109,800㎡
  • Building area: Approx. 69,600㎡
  • Total area: Approx. 192,000㎡
  • Structure: Twe underground floors, and five floors above ground story steel structure and steel frame reinforced concrete, etc.
  • Height: Approx. 47m
  • Capacity: Approx. 67,750seats


 Japan National Stadium leaflet [1.48MB]

 A material that overview of the Japan National Stadium [5.57MB]


Yoyogi 1st Gymnasium

The 1st Gymnasium was built for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, featuring a suspended roof with high tensile strength reinforcement. The Gymnasium is famous in the world for its unique design and for hosting various sporting events as well as cultural events.

Events hosted

  • Tokyo Olympic Games (swimming events)
  • High School Volleyball Championship Tournament
  • FIVB Volleyball World Championship
  • ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final
  • Among others

Facility outline

  • Building area: 14,426㎡
  • Total area: 28,705㎡
  • Arena area: 4,000㎡
  • Capacity: 8,636 seats(not including arena seats)
  • *At the time of the Tokyo Olympic Games, there was a 50m x 8 course pool for swimming competitions and a pool for springboard diving events.


Yoyogi 2nd Gymnasium

As it was the case for the 1st Gymnasium, the 2nd Gymnasium was built as a venue for the Tokyo Olympic Games, and has a bowl-shaped structure with a magnificent cone-shaped ceiling. The Gymnasium hosts various sports competitions such as basketball games, and is also used as training venue for major events.

Events hosted

  • Tokyo Olympic Games (basketball events)
  • All Japan Basketball
  • Uber Cup, the World Team Championships for Women (badminton)
  • All-Japan Badminton Championships
  • Among others

Facility outline

  • Building area: 3,872㎡
  • Total area: 5,644㎡
  • Arena area: 1,300㎡
  • Capacity:  2,803 seats(not including arena seats)

Because of the seismic renovation works, we are suspending the operation of the 2nd Gymnasium and indoor swimming pool.

Prince Chichibu Memorial Rugby Stadium

Called the “Tokyo Rugby Stadium”, this stadium that was built exclusively for rugby was completed in 1947. It was later renamed “Prince Chichibu Memorial Rugby Stadium” and transferred to the National Stadium on October 1, 1962. It was used for soccer events during the 1964 18th Tokyo Olympic Games, and is currently used for international rugby matches, national tournaments, and Top League matches.

Events hosted

  • Kanto University Rugby League
  • Japan Rugby Top League
  • All-Japan Rugby Football Championship
  • IRB Junior World Championship
  • Among others

Facility outline

  • Turf area 10,515.5㎡
    (The greens are maintained all year round with tifton grass in summer and perennial ryegrass in winter. )
  • Land area: 35,459㎡
  • Building area: 11,741㎡
  • Capacity: 24,871 people


AJINOMOTO FIELD NISHIGAOKAIn 1972, a soccer stadium, tennis courts and other facilities were built as the National Nishigaoka Stadium. Nowadays, the soccer stadium is widely used for international games, preliminaries of the Emperor's Cup, All Japan University Championship, Kanto University Football League tournament, All-Japan Women’s Football Championship, National High School Championship etc.

Events hosted

  • Preliminaries of the Emperor's Cup
  • All Japan University Championship
  • Kanto University Football League tournament
  • All-Japan Women’s Football Championship
  • National High School Championship

Facility outline

  • Turf area 10,614㎡
  • Soccer ground 105m×68m
  • Capacity: 7,258 seats
  • Building area: 1,186㎡
  • Total area: 997㎡


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