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Sport Facility

We manage and operate the Japan National Stadium, the Yoyogi National Gymnasium, the Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium, and the Nishigaoka Soccer Stadium (AJINOMOTO FIELD NISHIGAOKA).

Japan High Performance Sport Center

Japan High Performance Sport Center (HPSC) has been established for an integration of Japan Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS) and National Training Center (NTC) and for cooperation between Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) and Japanese Paralympic Committee (JPC).

Prince Chichibu Memorial Sport Museum and Library

The Prince Chichibu Memorial Sport Museum and Library is the only integrated sport museum and library in Japan. Due to the rebuilding of the National Stadium, the Museum and Library’s warehousing functions have been relocated to Nishiura in Funabashi-shi, Chiba in April 2022.

National Center for Mountaineering Education

Contributed to the prevention of mountaineering accidents by providing workshops to educate mountaineering instructors, and provide information about climbing.

Sports Promotion Fund and Lottery Department

In order to promote and popularize Japanese sports, including creating and improving sport environments in the region, discovering and developing future elite athletes, and enhancing International competitiveness in sport, we subsidize projects to promote sports (e.g., Sports Promotion Lottery subsidies, Sports Promotion Fund subsidies, subsidies for activities that contribute to enhancing Japan’s competitiveness in sports, and subsidies for activities that improve Japan's competitiveness in sportt). 

Injury and Accident Mutual Aid Benefit Department

Injury and Accident Mutual Aid Benefit Department provides medical expenses for injuries and accidents that occur to children while under school supervision. The department also conducts research on accident prevention support to prevent injuries and accidents happening to children, as well as publicizing research results.

Sport Integrity Unit

Based on the revision of Act on the Japan Sport Council in 2013, the JSC takes responsibility in “ensuring fair and proper implementation of sporting activities”. The Sport Integrity Unit, launched in April 2014, acts in the areas of fight against doping, harassment and match manipulation in sport, and promotion of good governance in Japanese sports organizations.

Cooperation and collaboration with related organizations

The basic Act Sport regards sports as a "universal human culture", and proclaims that living a happy and prosperous life through sports is a "right of all people". In order to realize this philosophy, we established the "JAPAN SPORT NETWORK" in July 2013 to strengthen cooperation and promote collaboration with other sports-related organizations. The JSC has concluded the "Power of Sport" Joint Declaration with 886 regional public-sector organizations (as of April 1 2022) to strengthen our network with communities, and is keeping up efforts to develop the network.

SPORTS JAPAN Ambassadors

SPORTS JAPAN Ambassadors have dual roles-firstly as messengers who communicate the principle of "SPORTS JAPAN" to many people,and secondly as partners who promote the building of "trust", "norms", and "networks(bond)" of Japan(Japanese people) (="social capital") through sports with the JSC.


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