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Support for sports promotion, and the operation of the Sports Promotion Lottery (toto/BIG)

Sports Promotion FundFinancial support for sports organizations through the Sports Promotion Fund, the Sports Promotion Lottery (toto/BIG) and government grants
In order to promote and popularize sports, including the improvement of Japan’s international competitivenessSports Promotion Lottery(toto/BIG) in sports and the development and enhancement of the sports environment at the community level, the Sports Promotion Fund and Lottery Department provides financial assistance for projects to promote sports (e.g., Sports Promotion Fund subsidies, Sports Promotion Lottery subsidies, and subsidies for activities to improve Japan’s competitiveness in sports). The Department will provide further supports to sports groups and athletes in the lead-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. Promoting Sports in Japan

Subsidies for activities that inprove Japan’s competitiveness in sports

In the lead-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, strategic efforts are being made to strengthen athletes and enhance their performance at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. As a part of this, the JSC subsidizes programs of sports organizations which are designed to improve the performance of Japanese athletes, using funding from government grants. In addition, since FY2003, the JSC has provided subsidies for activities that contribute to enhancing Japan’s competitiveness in sports, which are extended for programs aimed at raising the standards of the premier leagues in Japan.

Sports Promotion Fund

How the Fund subsidy works

The Sports Promotion Fund was created in 1990 with an initial investment from the government to achieve the improvement of the international competitiveness of Japan as well as expanding the sports fan base. Together with a donation from the private sector, the total amount of the fund has been expanded and the operating profit has been distributed as subsidies for sports activities undertaken by sports organizations, individual athletes and coaches.

How to donate to the Sports Promotion Fund

The JSC makes efforts to secure financial resource for subsidies through encouraging donations to the fund from individuals and corporations. Additional donations come from the profits of vending machines set up in cooperation with national university corporations, local public entities, sports organizations, and other organizations.

Rakuten Bank account
Branch code 211
Account number 7005804
Name of the account holder Japan Sport Council
PayPay Bank account
Branch code 001
Account number 0704490
Name of the account holder Japan Sport Council
Yucho Bank Postal Transfer account (Yubin-furikae account)
Account number 00110-0-539813
Name of the account holder Japan Sport Council Sports Promotion Fund

Sports Promotion Lottery(toto/BIG)

How the Sports Promotion Lottery works

The Sports Promotion Lottery (toto/BIG) was introduced in 2001 with the aim of securing new funding sources in order to develop and enhance Japan’s sporting environment. Profits are allocated from the sports promotion lottery sales revenue, after deductions of payouts to lottery winners, expenses, and provisions for specific work (allocation for expenses such as improvement of sports facilities for international sporting events). Three-fourths of the profits are used to subsidize projects that aim to promote sports, while the remaining one-fourth is paid to the national treasury.

How the Sports Promotion Lottery works(50% of sales works for Prize payments,  the remainding three quarters, excluding Expenses and Specific amount, works for Subsidies for the promotion of sports, and the other quarter are paid to Goverment.)

Since in FY2002, profits earned from sports promotion lottery sales have been put toward subsidizing sports promotion activities by local governments and sports organizations - ranging from creating an environment where everyone can enjoy sports to fostering world-class athletes. So far, subsidies have been given 22,072 projects, for a total amount of 124.1-billion-yen (subsidies for FY2016 indicates the amount allocated).

How the toto lottery works

Prize will be awarded if the prediction of the results of soccer games are correct. The lottery comes in two types. One type (“toto”, “mini toto”, and “totoGOAL3” “totoGOAL2”) allows lottery buyers to make their own predictions, while the other type (“BIG”, “100yen BIG”, “BIG1000”, and “mini BIG”) allows predictions to be made randomly and automatically by computer. The total sales for FY2015 marked approximately 108.4 billion yen.

* It is prohibited by law for minors under the age of 19 to purchase or to be given toto lottery tickets. They are also not eligible to receive prize money


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