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Corporate message

Basic Principles

Through the promotion of sports and the sound development of people,
the Japan Sport Council strives to realize healthy and abundant lives,
thus contributing to fair and vibrant societies and to a world full of peace and friendship.

Vision (JSC's Mid-Term Goal)

Corporate Message
Raise the Future
with the Power of Sport

The Japan Sport Council's vision is expressed in the Corporate Message.
We proclaim this message with the thought as stated below.

We see the "Power of Sport" as:
-The mental and physical strength that people gain by playing and getting involved in sports.
-The power of dreams, administration, and inspiration that all top athletes stir in our hearts.
-The power of children to challenge towards tomorrow, nurtured through a safe school life.

These strengths help us to foster a future filled with unlimited possibilities.
Through the "Power of Sport", we will realize a Japan full of vitality,
emotion and power for tomorrow, and we will foster the unlimited future together with Japanese citizens.

Goals and Activities

JAPAN SPORT COUNCIL (JSC) was established based on the two major pieces of legislation; the Act on General Rules for Incorporated Administrative Agency (Act No. 103 of 1999) and the Act on the JAPAN SPORT COUNCIL (Act No. 162 of 2002).

The objectives of the JSC are stated as "In order to promote sports and to enhance and maintain school children's health, the JSC operates its sports facilities appropriately as well as efficiently; provides necessary assistance for the promotion of sports, covers injury and accidents involving children under school care, conducts research regarding sports and the maintenance and enhancement of children's health, collects and provides sports-related materials; and contributes to the development of people's physical and mental health based on the activities above".


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