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Message from the President



With the Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 Tournament two years away, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 three years away, FY 2017 is going to be a year to accelerate the preparations for these big events. With the awareness of our significant responsibilities for the construction of the New National Stadium and the projects for improving Japanese athletes’ performance, JSC continuously strives for organization management.

Looking back on FY 2016, the Sports Promotion Lottery achieved its strongest sales ever with revenue of 111.8 billion yen, and that allowed us to make a higher contribution to the Sports Promotion Fund. Furthermore, regarding the construction of the New National Stadium as the national project, full-scale construction started in December 2016. That advanced us one step further towards completing the construction in the end of November, 2019. Additionally, Kita-ku Nishigaoka area is now positioned as “the Japan High Performance Center,” and is expected to strengthen its capabilities to improve competitiveness of Japanese athletes. Finally, in order to approach an “organization of open communication,” we have made a wide range of improvements and enhancements from the viewpoints of reconsidering the organizational climate and reinforcing internal controls.

Including on the above initiatives, we will focus on our operations with the following three points:
1. Dedicate ourselves to further contributions to the sports promotion in Japan
2. Continuous initiatives for improving aspects of organizational climate
3. Discussions towards the formulation of the next Mid-Term Plan (FY 2018 – FY 2022)

The PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will be held in FY 2017. In addition to the enhancements of the support for Japanese athletes at the Japan High Performance Center, we will launch “the Japan High Performance Support Center” on site during the games to further support Japanese national teams.

The construction of the New National Stadium is currently proceeding steadily, and above-ground work is planned to begin in the summer. We will continue proceeding with the construction according to schedule. From the viewpoint of securing the necessary funds for sports promotion and constructing the New National Stadium, we will continue devoting ourselves to further improve the sales of the Sports Promotion Lottery from its record high in FY 2016. In particular, based on the revised decision received this March from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology regarding specific works, we can now allocate the necessary expenses for the seismic resistance enhancements to the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in addition to the construction work for the New National Stadium from the sales of the Sports Promotion Lottery, which makes its role all the more important.

On the premise of steady execution of above initiatives, we will reinforce our internal controls and governance, and strive for the further progress on work-style reforms by proposing practical policies to approach an “organization of open communication” and deeper communications among employees.

Finally, for the formulation of our next Mid-Term Plan, we believe that it is essential to utilize the operating know-how and information built up thus far at the JSC for creating an appropriate operation plan that considers the latest national policy directions and fiscal situation. That encourages us to further contribute to the sports promotion in Japan.

Furthermore, we will develop our organization to achieve our goals with a sense of teamwork and consideration of the overall balance of our projects accounting for both generality and specialization, while accentuating each person’s individuality.

We highly appreciate your further support and cooperation.

April, 2017


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