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Message from the President and CEO

In FY2021, the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games were held in Tokyo and the 2022
Winter Games were held in Beijing. Although we had many concerns because of Covid-19 infections, the great performance of the athletes around the world inspired us.
Their performance gave us much courage and made us realize how beautiful sports can be.

The High Performance Sport Center is a department of the Japan Sport Council (JSC) and it played a central role in supporting Japanese athletes both from inside the athletes village and with external support bases, including remote support which incorporated digital technology, so that the athletes could demonstrate their abilities and perform at their best.

Team Japan won a record number of medals at the Summer and Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. JSC also contributed to the success of the Olympics and Paralympics by offering the Japan National Stadium and Yoyogi National Stadium as opening and closing ceremonies and competition venues.

In the future, we will use the knowledge and experience gained from our efforts in the Tokyo 2020 Games as a legacy and build on this success so that we can make steady efforts toward improvement for from the 2024 Paris Games to the 2032 Brisbane Games and beyond.

This fall, we will start selling a new sports lottery ticket for basketball. For the first time, new sport, apart from soccer, will be added to the sports lottery, and we will strive to secure more sales and promote effective subsidies.

The government plans to establish an Agency for Children and Families to provide comprehensive support with policy regarding children, and along with this, the injury and accident mutual aid benefit system will change from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to the Agency for Children and Families. We will continue to strive to provide fair and appropriate benefits while lending a hand in realizing a comprehensive children's policy.

We are promoting plans for our large-scale sports facilities. We will commercialize the Japan National Stadium to the private sector and relocate the Prince Chichibu Memorial Rugby Stadium.
We will make appropriate efforts to share the management and operation know-how of large-scale sports facilities that JSC has cultivated so far.

JSC's corporate message is "Raise the Future with the Power of Sport."

We are doing so via a wide range of efforts so that the value of sports can be vital to Japan's prosperous future.  
As a council responsible for promoting the power of sports, we have to make the best use of the strength has and grow our organization.

In the future, we will contribute to the creation of a rich future that has been raised by sports.
Again, I would like to ask for everyone's greater support and cooperation.

President and CEO

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