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Message from the President

Photo of the President  It was my great pleasure to have assumed the position of president of
the JAPAN SPORT COUNCIL(JSC). On January 1, 2021.

  This is the year in which we welcome the Tokyo 2020. 
  First and foremost, we will of course do our utmost to ensure the success of the Tokyo 2020 in this summer, but we will also look to the future of society and strive to realize the principles set out in the Basic Law on Sport. And, we will also work in close collaboration with the national government, local authorities, sports organizations such as National Federations, and other stakeholders to realize the two core values of the JSC Act: the promotion of sport and the maintenance and improvement of the health of children and young people.

  Here I would like to share with you some of my thoughts on the JSC's activities.

■Support for athletes
  To ensure the success of the Tokyo 2020, we will work closely with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, the national government, the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC), the Japan Paralympic Committee (JPC) and other relevant organizations to protect athletes from COVID-19 pandemic, particularly we will provide full support to each athlete through personalized assistance. In addition, the knowledge and know-how gained from this competition will be passed on as a legacy to create an environment that encourages people to get involved in sport.

■About the Sports Promotion Lottery
  The Sports Promotion Lottery is a valuable source of funding for the development of Japan's sports fields. Looking beyond the Tokyo 2020, we will focus on both securing sales and providing effective subsidies so that we can provide sufficient support not only for top sports, but also for lifelong and grassroots sports.

■Management of Sports Facilities
  The JSC operates the Japan National Stadium, the Prince Chichibu Memorial Rugby Stadium, the Yoyogi National Stadium, the National Training Center (NTC) and other the Japan High Performance Sport Center (HPSC), the National Center for Mountaineering Education, and the Prince Chichibu Memorial Sports Museum and Library. Looking ahead to the Tokyo 2020, we will continue to hold onto the wisdom of how things should be and use it effectively for the benefit of society. Moreover, we will also disseminate the knowledge and information we gain to strengthen and enhance the foundations of the sports environment across Japan.

■School Safety
  Injury and Accident Mutual Aid Benefit System is the only official safety net for school children in our country, as COVID-19 pandemic has left medical and educational institutions in dire straits. We will steadily carry out this work and actively use the valuable information gained from this work to further contribute to supporting school safety.

  Finally, with regard to organizational management, we try that our work is carried out as smoothly under the situation of COVID-19 pandemic as in normal times. Furthermore, we constantly review our organization and make the best use of the information, knowledge and human resources that the JSC possesses, so that we can contribute to society.

  “Raise the Future with the Power of Sport” 
  This is the corporate message of the JSC. Sport contains the power to foster the future with unlimited possibilities for all people. The JSC's mission is to contribute to the vitality, inspiration and "power for tomorrow" of every single person by promoting the appeal of sport.

  We would much appreciate your continued support for our endeavors.

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