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Sport Integrity Unit

Based on the revision of Act on the Japan Sport Council in 2013, the JSC takes responsibility in “ensuring fair and proper implementation of sporting activities”. The Sport Integrity Unit, launched in April 2014, acts in the areas of fight against doping, harassment and match manipulation in sport, and promotion of good governance in Japanese sports organizations.

Factors that threaten the integrity of sports

Corruption in sport governance. Pressure on autonomy of sport. Bribery. Racual discrimination. Doping. Match manipulation in sport. Cheating. Harassment.

Factors that threaten the integrity of sports

Monitoring, evaluation, assessment, outreach, and prevention activities pertaining to threats to the integrity of sport

Sports Integrity Unit covers;Anti Doping. Sports consultation. Governance in sports organizations. Spores lottery research.

Group for Good Governance in Sport

Conduct research on strengthening governance at sports organizations, and implement activities to support relevant organizations.

Sports Consultation Group

Implement activities for top athletes related to external consultations and investigations on the use of violence during coaching in sports.
Consultation hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 13:00-16:00 *Except for year-end and New Year holiday period, public holidays, and weekends  E-mail: sports.soudan@jpnsport.go.jp

Anti-Doping Group

Conduct information collection and analysis activities to prevent doping, research relevant overseas practices, in collaboration with the Japan Anti-Doping Agency, and manage the Japan Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel.

Group for Sports Lottery

Conduct research on ensuring the fairness of the sports lottery, among other activities.


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