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JSC and SportSG sign Project Annex on People Development

On March 14th, 2024 in Singapore, the Japan Sport Council (JSC) signed the ‘Project Annex’ agreement with Sport Singapore (SportSG) to establish a cooperative framework for people development in both countries.

Over the last 11 years, based on the MoU signed in April 2013 (extended in 2016 & 2022), JSC and SportSG have carried out various collaborative activities that brought mutual benefit to both organisations. SportSG is the central organisation responsible to deliver sport policy aligned with the Vision 2030 Master Plan, in Singapore.

JSC and SportSG, both making great strides in the fields of high performance sports, community sports, and virtual sports/e-sports, have agreed to facilitate personnel and research exchanges in the light of the mutual interest to further leverage this cooperative relationship.

Areas of Collaboration in 2024 and Beyond

As part of this new agreement, the Japan High Performance Sport Center (HPSC) and SportSG will establish workspaces in Tokyo and Singapore to promote staff exchanges and international joint research and to promote the development of the next generation in both countries. In addition, there will be opportunities for collaborations and learnings regarding programmes for children, youths and seniors, as well as industry innovation and digitalisation.

ASHIDATE Satoshi, President and CEO of JSC (left); Alan Goh, CEO of SportSG (right)
ASHIDATE Satoshi, President and CEO of JSC (left);
Alan Goh, CEO of SportSG (right)

The signing ceremony was held in the presence of SportSG CEO Alan Goh, JSC’s President and CEO ASHIDATE Satoshi, and JSC Vice President and HPSC’s High Performance Director KUKIDOME Takeshi.

Comments by Mr. ASHIDATE Satoshi, JSC President and CEO

“JSC has developed and strengthened its ties with Sport Singapore in various areas related to sports policy, particularly in high performance sport field. Singapore's vision is not only to promote sports, but also to create a better society through sports, considering "human resources" as an important facet. JSC wishes that this new framework will provide opportunities for the next generation to gain knowledge and experience, leading to the development of society through sport as well as further enhancement of high performance sport and beyond in both countries.”

Comments by Mr. Alan Goh, CEO of SportSG

“The Project Annex agreement reaffirms the strong and long-standing relationship between JSC and SportSG. Since 2013, we have had many collaborations and staff exchanges, and this has helped our people widen their knowledge and perspectives, which has in turn equipped them to do their jobs better. The numerous personal friendships made over the years have also been invaluable in strengthening our JSC-SportSG partnership. We are excited to enhance our collaboration opportunities with JSC for our people, in areas such as high performance sport, industry development, programme and policy design, and leadership.

Group photo of leaders participated in signing ceremony
Group photo of leaders participated in signing ceremony
JSC Workspace in SportSG
JSC Workspace in SportSG


About the Japan Sport Council (JSC)

Established in 2003, JSC is the only national agency responsible for the development of sport in Japan. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and Japan Sports Agency, JSC plays a vital role in delivering sport policy in Japan and enhancing the value of sport in society.

About the Sport Singapore (SportSG)

As the national sports agency, Sport Singapore’s core purpose is to inspire the Singapore spirit and transform Singapore through sport. Through innovative, fun and meaningful sporting experiences, our mission is to reach out and serve communities across Singapore with passion and pride. With Vision 2030 – Singapore’s sports master plan, our mandate goes beyond winning medals. Sport Singapore uses sport to create greater sporting opportunities and access, more inclusivity and integration as well as broader development of capabilities. Sport Singapore works with a vast network of public-private-people sector partners for individuals to live better through sport.

To find out more, visit SportSG’s websites at www.sportsingapore.gov.sg and https://www.activesgcircle.gov.sg/read.

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