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"High performance sport" means performance excellence required at the highest level of international competition. The Japan High Performance Sport Center (HPSC) is taking an integrated approach by combining Olympic and Paralympic sports for  strengthening international competitiveness in Japan. HPSC have two main facilities, Japan Institute of Sport Sciences (JISS) and National Training Center (NTC), for providing high quality of training venues with research and support programs in sports science, sports medicine, and sports information.

Cooperation and collaboration

High Performance Center Networking Project, Integration Enhancement Support Program for Olympic and Paralympic Sports, High Performance Human Resources Development Project are conducted.

High Performance Center Networking Project

By leveraging resources of local sports science/medical centers or universities, this project is aiming to expand the functions of the High Performance Sport Center to the local areas and also developing human resources which can contribute to the expansion particularly in the areas of sports medicine, sports science and sports information.

Integration Enhancement Support Program for Olympic and Paralympic Sports

JSC clarifies tasks by conducting multifaceted consultation and monitoring for National Federations (NF) at each phase of PDCA cycle of the strategic development plan with the cooperation of JOC and JPC. JSC supports that implementation of the strategic development plan and strategic and integrated development between Olympic sports and Paralympic sports.

High Performance Human Resources Development Project

JSC provides a program to develop human resources called “World Class Coach” (WCC) and “High Performance Director” (HPD). World Class Coach is defined as a serial winning coach who leads athletes to the podium by the world top level coaching skills. High Performance Director is a top director in the strengthening area of each NF who oversees athlete’s performance and is familiar with business practices of the field.

Sports Medicine / Science Support Programs

In the Sport Medicine / Science Support Programs, we support National Federations which have problems to be solved for improvement of competitive abilities. Based on the knowledge of a wide range of research areas, we identify the factors inhibiting improvement of the competitive ability and propose training methods to solve them. In addition, for spreading our knowledge, we conduct workshops and individual consultations, individual instruction, and create video and information systems.

HPSC Staff

Sports Medicine / Science Research Programs

The Sports Medicine / Science Research Programs are aimed for performing research and development which deliver new knowledge and applications for the enhancement of athletic performance.

Research Programs

Sports Medicine/Science Research Programs have 5 different categories.
1. Sport event-specific research: analyzing physical, physiological, technical, psychological, and tactical characteristics of world-class athletes and Japanese top athletes, and providing best-practice solutions which directly enhance athletes' performance in each sports event.
2. Special research: delivering performance solutions for each place-specific issue of Olympic and Paralympic Games.
3. Fundamental research: providing scientific evidences for sports medicine/science support and improvement of athletes' performance.
4. Development: developing new equipment and systems for assisting training and performance analysis.
5. Individual research based on the free theme of each researcher/group.

In terms of research grants and funds, competitive government funds in "Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research" and other external funds are obtained as financial supports. We are also promoting research collaborations with external organizations when the research outcomes would mutually advantageous.

HPSC Staff Research Information Disclosure (Opt-out)

Sports Clinic Programs

In the Sports Clinic Programs, specialists provide treatment for sports injuries, disabilities, and illnesses, athletic rehabilitaion, psychological counseling and nutritional counseling. We cover the branches of internal medicine, orthopedics, dentistry, dermatology, and gynecology. We also offer support through collaboration with external medical institutes. HPSC Staff

International Engagement & Information

The International Engagement & Information Department was newly launched in April 2023 to further strengthen the functions of the Japan High Performance Sport Center, contribute to a sustainable high-performance sport system and develop communities through sport in both Japan and abroad by following the 3 functions below:

Information & Knowledge

JSC collects and analyzes information related to high-performance sports from various perspectives. The reports are provided to related organizations in Japan and abroad and are used to promote / develop Japan’s high-performance sports policies and strategies.

Capacity Building

JSC plans, develops, and provides content and programs for skills development, utilizing its international network and information. By doing so, JSC supports the development of human resources who will lead the next generation of high-performance sports in Japan and abroad.

International Network Management

Through the strategic establishment and utilization of international network, JSC promotes collaborative projects and research activities.

List of Past Projects
About the previous department incharge of International Engagement and Information


The High Performance Support Project
※commissioned by Japan Sports Agency

The High Performance Support Project provides sport medicine, science and information to athletes of “Target sports” (selected by the Japan Sports Agency) with the aim of winning medals at Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In addition, for the Tokyo 2020 Games held in our home country, we will create a system for an effective support for Japanese delegations.

For Next-gen Athlete Development Project

Athlete Hone Project, Target Olympic and Paralympic Sports Project, Performance Development in Women's Sports Project, Athlete Pathway Development Project are couducted.

Target Olympic and Paralympic Sports Project

JSC supports National Federation (NF) expected to produce Medal Potential Athletes (MPA) by 2022 for the summer Olympic sports/Paralympic sports or 2024 for winter Olympic sports/Paralympic sports to develop a high performance sport system utilizing sports medicine, sports science and sports information aimed to achieve medals in 2024 Paris Olympic (OG)/Paralympic (PG) or 2026 winter OG/PG.

Athlete Hone Project

JSC supports gold medal candidate athletes for the 2024 Paris OG/PG or 2026 winter OG/PG to improve performance in the world-class environment including coaches, training partners and facilities.

Athlete Pathway Development Project

In collaboration with JSPO, JOC, JPSA・JPC, and local governments,various supports for a strong and sustainable development system for effective identification and development programs of talented athletes are provided towards 2020 and beyond.

Performance Development in Women's Sports Project

JSC produces opportunities for female athletes to participate in high level competitions and educational programs to resolve issues specifically in female sports aiming for 2024 Paris OG/PG or 2026 winter OG/PG.

Female Athletes Development & Support Projects
※commissioned by Japan Sports Agency

This project aims to arrange / develop the appropriate training environment for female Jnr./ Snr. athletes involved in High Performance Sports. With the help of various support services in Sports Medicine / Sciences a healthy long-term career plan is pursued.

Athletes Support Program

This program aims to develop and deliver a customized support program to solve specific issues faced by female athletes. As a part of the solution not only the athletes themselves, but also coaches and staffs, who are closely working with the athletes, are supported.

Women Elite Coach Development Program

Currently not many female athletes pursue a career in coaching after they retire as an athlete. The experiences gained as an elite athlete competing at the world class stage are a very valuable asset for a potential coaching career. With the concept of “elite athlete to elite coach” this project aims to create a “Women Elite Coach Development Program” , attracting former female elite athletes to pursue a career in coaching.

Functional Development of Japan High Performance Sport Center
※commissioned by Japan Sports Agency

By further developing the functions of Sport Intelligence (gathering / analyzing High Performance Sports related information), Sports Technology & Development (development of equipment for competition and training) and Athlete Data (effective utilization of athletes’various data), we will establish a foundation for strengthening the international competitiveness over the medium- to long-term.

Sport Intelligence

The Japan High Performance Sport Center is gathering various information concerning high performance sport from strategically benchmarked countries. This includes elite sport funding, medal acquisition strategies, performance development plans and actual competition results. After careful analysis of all available information, facts and conclusions are provided to national sport federations to be reflected in their strategies for performance development.

Sports Technology & Development

The Japan High Performance Sport Center has been prepared to develop the technologies which will improve the performance of various athletic equipment, and thus substantially enhance the potential for Japanese athletes to win medals in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Athlete Database

The medical, training, competition videos, nutrition and other information resources of the Japan High Performance Sport Center are managed in a unified manner, and a system is provided to allow top athletes to rapidly access the information they require. Furthermore, while carrying out efficient and effective strengthening programs for the Olympic and Paralympic games, sport science & medicine research and other programs are being promoted utilizing big data on top athletes.


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