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(Previously) Department of Information & International Relations

Collecting and analyzing sports-related information from Japan and overseas.

Under the objectives set by the Sport Basic Plan, the Department of Information and International Relations is the core organization that handles information needed to promote sport in Japan. The Department evaluates and makes proposals on sports policies and programs in Japan as well as integrating and analyzing domestic and international information.

Information strategy activities

Multilaterally collecting and analyzing information on sport in/outside Japan as shown below, providing the reports, and proposing policies for sports promotion in Japan.

  • Concentrated information during international sports events
  • Information on promoting sports participation of women, children, the elderly, and the disabled
  • Information on physical education and school sport
  • Information on sports businesses
  • Information on international contributions through sport
  • Research related to sports policy information
  • Operation of sports information database, etc.



Activities utilizing the base in the UK

Utilizing the London office, we carry out: academic research related to sports policies; field studies related to international sports events mainly held in the UK; support for the talent development of future sports practitioners; collection and dissemination of information obtained through these activities; and the strengthening of networks with people involved.    


  • Conducting continuous field study on the legacy of London 2012 Games.
  • Providing internship opportunities for Tsukuba International Academy for Sport Studies(TIAS), etc.     

Picture from research on legacy from London 2012

International strategic activities

Establishing and strengthening collaboration, exchanges, and international networks with overseas governmental sports institutions, international administration organizations, international sports organizations, etc.

  •  Establish frameworks for international collaboration and plan and carry out collaboration programs
  • Collect and provide information through networks with international administration organizations
  • Collect information regarding international sport events
  • Provide cooperation and support for organizations hosting international sport events
  • Proposal of policies for utilizing sport to solve social issues and Implementation of cooperative projects on sport for development and peace with international organizations
Group photo for the 2nd congress of Association of Sports Institutes in Asia

A Booth at an international conference

In addition, the following projects commissioned by the Japan Sport Agency are being carried out as our international sports activities.

Global Sport Initiative (Creation of a foundation to promote global sport policies)

Investigation and research to formulate the necessary foundation to drive the development of Japan's international sports policies.