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The Japan Sport Council reaches a cooperational bond with FIFA for protection the integrity of sport

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The Japan Sport Council (JSC), the national agency responsible for the development of sport in Japan, and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) today announced that both organizations reached a cooperational bond in order to put forward new initiatives for protecting and enhancing the integrity of sport. Through this relationship, the JSC and FIFA will take joint initiatives to protect and develop clean sport with sharing FIFA’s knowledge and know-how on fighting against match fixing in football.

Recently the JSC has launched its Sport Integrity Unit, which acts in the areas of fight against doping, harassment and match manipulation in sport and promoting good governance among sport organizations in Japan. For the first action, the JSC and FIFA will co-host a symposium to promote the public awareness on threats to the integrity of sport in Tokyo on 7 June.
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Mr Jerôme Valcke, Secretary General of FIFA, says, “Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) sincerely appreciates the hosting of this Integrity of Sport Symposium and supports the actions engaged by the Japan Sports Council (JSC) to fight against illegal betting and match manipulation. One of FIFA’s statutory objectives is precisely to protect the integrity of the game. Therefore, the fight against the threat of match manipulation is a top priority for FIFA. We have and will continue to work to eliminate these threats from our beautiful game. We feel privileged to work together with the JSC to support the hosting of a symposium promoting the protection of sport.”

Dr. Ichiro Kono, President of JSC, says, “The Sport Integrity Unit is launched based on the Japanese government's commitments to protecting the integrity of sport. I sincerely appreciate the FIFA to become our strong partner in protection and development of clean athletes and clean sport culture.”



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