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Department of Sport Innovation

Target Olympic and Paralympic Sports Project(TOP Sports Project)

Focusing on several sports that are expected to achieve medals sports medicine/science and information supports are provided based on Next-gen Athlete Development Plan.

Athlete Hone Project

Promising athletes that are expected to achive medals are dispatched to other countries that embrace world's top league or academy.

Athlete Pathway Development Project

In collaboration with JASA、JOC、JPC and local governments,supports for robust development system for effective identification and development of athletes are provided.

High Performance Human Resources Project

Brand new programs are developed for human resource mainly to develop global standard coaches and High Performance Director.


Female Athletes Strategic Support    Projects
※The Japan Sports Agency-commissioned project

For the purpose of high performance of female athletes in the global stage,Female Athletes High Performance Project and Study and Research for Strategic Development of Female Athletes are conducted.

Female Athletes High Performance Project

Athlete Support Program
A model program for female athletes in response to specific problems through sports medicine/science.

Athlete Development Program
A new approach which packages competition with educational activity.

Elite Coach Development Program
A model program based on Elite Female Coach Development Plan through strategic development of female coaches,who had demonstrated the global standard and could be potential role models.




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